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"An absurd comedy series based on high school life." ‘Secret Lies of the Gossip Teen’ was born of a love/hate relationship with the high school soap opera. When I was a kid, every day after school I would go home with my best friend, where -like any good latch-key kids- we would immediately ditch our books, microwave a hot pocket, and take up residence in front of a television the size and shape of a small tank. My friend would then turn on a show about 30 year-old highschoolers that had impossibly complex storylines and about 70 main characters. It was cheesy, sort of hard to follow, and there were 5 just like it airing at any given time, I was obsessed. I developed a morbid fascination for the Teen Drama. They seemed so ridiculous, and yet they were ubiquitous- required viewing for any discerning middle schooler of taste. I, having very little taste (and almost no discernment) gave my friend a very hard time whenever we watched one of these shows. I’d ask her a million questions, trying desperately to understand not the shows themselves, but why anyone was watching them. Finally, after a particularly thorough round of questioning, my friend indignantly pointed out that there wasn’t much difference between her shows and the comedies that I liked to watch. After protracted laughter (and about 8 years) I realized that she had been right. Soaps and broad comedy in particular have a lot in common- absurd situations, camp, and larger-than-life characters that take everything at face value, no matter how ludicrous. So, armed with a new appreciation, and hoping to marry 2 seemingly disparate genres, I began writing Secret Lies- a comedian’s homage to the high school soap opera.

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