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A comedy series

In the fast-paced, lucrative world of commercial space tourism, the valiantly inept crew of Waste Station I has been relegated to the task of cleaning up after the ultra rich. Failed deep-space explorer Ava Holt discovers her temporary reassignment to Waste Station I is a lot more permanent than she thought. Waste of Space is an upcoming web series about finding happiness where you are even if it’s not where you always dreamed you’d wind up.

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Competent, driven, once a rising star in the world of deep space exploration, now mysteriously fallen from grace. Bit of a temper. Takes everything seriously. 


The newest addition at Waste Station I. A feckless party boy who has run out of favors. Takes nothing seriously. 


Crew Counselor. A man with the positive energy of a stepdad going camping and all the gravity of a 13 year-old magician. One phone call from his mother away from a nervous breakdown.

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Waste Station’s computer interface. A gutter-mouthed AI. Authority problems. On a journey of self-discovery


The youngest research scientist in IADSE's history. And the only one with amendments to the Helsinki Declaration named after her.


A taciturn payload specialist with the hands of a golem & the heart of a poet. Bit of a gossip.

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